Provence Wedding Venue

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Provence Wedding Venue

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The theme for Provence Wedding Venue and Guest house is based on the town, "Provence", which is located in France. The town of Provence is a very small town and has an old vintage look to it, but what makes it a one of a kind is all the wild lavender plants that grow freely there. Provence Wedding Venue has kept the beautiful color scheme of the lavender plants as part of the theme. A few years back on an empty piece of land located about 7 km from Potchefstroom, something that was once a dream began to come to life when Provence Wedding Venue and Guest House's first bricks where layed. Bit by bit as years have passed Provence was shaped and built into the amazing venue it is today. What makes all the blood, sweat and tears worth it is all the successful weddings and events that Provence has hosted over the years, resulting in happy clients which turned out a great success.

Venue 1

A beautiful site with a 'farmstyle atmosphere' consisting of a romantic chapel and an isolated bar aside. There is a dam with ducks and birds, plenty of gardens, especially rose gardens of which there are more than 450 trees. There are many water features complimenting amazing photos and there is also a gazebo that can be decorated. At night the gazebo and trees are lit up with fairy lights. The chapel can host up to 120 people comfortably, all tables and chairs are included. A cash bar is also available during events.

Venue 2

The church and hall for this venue is situated in the bush. This venue can host up to 300 people comfortably. The second hall has a outdoor chapel with a view over 400 white rose trees. This venue also has a nice variety of water features and a boma area where bonfires can be made. A cash bar is available at events.

Venue 3 and 4

Venue 3 is the ideal venue for conferences and smaller functions.

Venue 4 has a hall and a small chapel that can host up to 200 people with a bar. It has a boma for bonfires and water features as well as a rose garden.


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1) A deposit is required to confirm booking. Note! No alcohol is allowed in the chapels or in the hall except for champagne, wine on tables or cherry/port at the entrances. 2) A cash bar is available, arrangements can be made for specific types of alcohol to be kept in stock for the event. 3) In season (September until April), full prices are charged on saturdays for any event whether the chapel is used or not, unless an arrangement is made with Provence in advance.

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